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Days Bay Play is an extension of Days Bay Playcentre that offers creative play-based education opportunities to all families in Eastbourne. Days Bay Play has a class 'Bugs and Butterflies: The Art of Insects' for Term Two 2015. Take a look at the details below and enrol now to secure a place!

Friday, 27 September 2013

Term 4 2013: Creative Paper Art for 8 - 12 year olds

When: Wednesday 3.30 – 5pm, weeks 4 - 9 of Term 4 (Wednesday 6th of November to Wednesday 11th of December).           

What: As well as covering the basics of marbling for newcomers this six week course will also teach an intermediate level of marbling, including how to make specific marbling designs such as the gelgit, extending those children who took Meg's paper art course in term 2. Children will also do some paper-mâché, making and marbling colourful  containers. Children will also use their marbled paper products to make handcrafted notebooks and origami figures. It’s all about having fun with paper and paint. This course is suitable for ages 8-12, or anyone who took my last paper course in term two. 

About the Artist: Meg Prebble is a local artist who has been messing about with paper and paint in many forms since she was a young girl.  She has her own company called ‘Dora Papers’ where she sells he paper filigree (quilling) and marbled paper products. You can read more about her work here: http://dorapapers.blogspot.co.nz

Enrolment Details:
Cost: $75 per child for the six week course. Course cost includes all materials.
Class size: maximum 10 children.
To enrol your child email: daysbayplay@gmail.com

 Marbled handcrafted notebook
 Origami using marbled paper

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