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Days Bay Play is an extension of Days Bay Playcentre that offers creative play-based education opportunities to all families in Eastbourne. Days Bay Play has a class 'Bugs and Butterflies: The Art of Insects' for Term Two 2015. Take a look at the details below and enrol now to secure a place!

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Courses for Term 1 2014

Creative Paper Art for 5 - 8 year olds

When: Six Tuesday afternoons at Days Bay Playcentre starting Tuesday 11th of March

About the Course: This is a six week paper art course where children will experiment with a variety of techniques in recycled paper making, marbling, and flower pressing.  The children will create a range of paper artwork including origami, marbled notebooks, and pressed flower bookmarks using their handmade paper  This course will cater for those who are new to Meg’s paper art courses as well as providing some new paper art activities, and an opportunity to develop paper making and marbling skills further, for those who have done her previous paper art courses.

About the Artist: Meg Prebble is a local artist who has been messing about with paper and paint in many forms since she was a young girl.  She has her own company called ‘Dora Papers’ where she sells her paper filigree (quilling) and marbled paper products.  You can read more about her work here: http://www.dorapapers.blogspot.co.nz

Enrolment Details:
Cost: $75 per child or $140 for two siblings.  Course cost includes all materials.
Time: Tuesady 3:45-5pm at Days Bay Playcentre
Dates: Tuesday 11th of March to Tuesday 15th of April
Group size: 6-10 children
To Book: email: daysbayplay@gmail.com

Check out Meg's artwork at http://www.dorapapers.blogspot.co.nz
Pressed flower bookmarks on handmade paper by Charlotte and Amelia age 5 and 6; origami crane with marbled paper by Amelia age 6.
Marbled work by children in Meg's Days Bay Play course Term 4 2013

Handsewn Handcrafts for Children 8 – 12 year olds
When: Five Friday afternoons at Days Bay Playcentre starting Friday 14th of March.

About the Course: Think of this as your after-school craft club!  It doesn't matter whether your are an experienced sewer/crafter or a keen beginner - everyone is free to work at their own level and pace.  We will be covering a variety of simple sewing and crafting techniques, with heaps of projects to choose from and plenty of freedom of creation.  By the end of the course everyone will have completed several hand-made items to take home with them!

About the Artists:
Gabrielle is a qualified art and technology teacher who has experience with teaching primary aged children through to secondary school students. She has a variety of knowledge across all art disciplines. She is a textiles mixed-media artist with a passion for allowing young people to explore and recognise their own creative potential and to let them have FUN!

Kate has a lot of experience with working with children through art and drama.  She is an ex-ballet teacher and has taught drama at San Antonio School, both general drama lessons and co-ordinated 3 school productions.  Kate enjoys sewing and craftwork and has experience in the theatre both designing and making costumes, props, and sets.

Enrolment Details:
Course Cost: $75 per child or $140 for two siblings.  Course cost includes all materials.
Time: Friday 3.30-5pm at Days Bay Playcentre
Dates: Friday 14th March to Friday 11th of April (finishing the week before Easter weekend)
Group size: 10 - 12 children
To Book: email: daysbayplay@gmail.com

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